Last Hurrah…

It’s with great respect, gratitude, and sadness that we say farewell-for-now to cornerstone member of Wicked Garden and absolute guitar shredding machine, Wally Borgan. WG has come a long way in a decade, and Wally’s contributions to that journey are immeasurable. He has set an incredibly high bar in his playing and his dedication. He’s made us all better musicians with those standards. His formidable abilities on guitar are matched only by his sharp wit—known to anyone who’s spent time with him. We will miss the improvisational food lyrics and relentless bass player jokes; we have had some huge laughs.
We hope that he’ll make cameos, or fill-in appearances in the future. But regardless, we wish Wally every success in whatever adventure lies ahead of him.
Join us for his last couple shows: Maxx Bar on 6/17, and his home turf, Ziggy’s in Hudson on 6/24.

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